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Writing & Blogging

Terry Tao is reworking some of his better blogposts into a book, to be published by the AMS (here’s a preliminary version of the book “What’s New?”) After some thought, I decided not to transcribe all of my posts from last year (there are 93 of them!), but instead to restrict attention to those articles which (a) have significant mathematical… Read more →

quotes of the day

Some people are in urgent need of a vacation, myself included… From the paper Transseries for beginners by G.A. Edgar, arXived today : Well, brothers and sisters, I am here today to tell you: If you love these formulas, you need no longer hide in the shadows! The answer to all of these woes is here. Transseries. In a comment… Read more →

top 5 analytics tips

Google analytics is collecting data on this site for over a month now. Perhaps it is time to share a few lessons Ive learned over this period. UPDATE : I have de-activated all google analytics plugins on this site. I may re-activate them for short periods later but ONLY to detect problems or to check on plugin performance. I will… Read more →

Top 5 wp-plugins to improve your bounce-rate

The bounce rate indicates how many web-visitors leave the site without visiting any other pages before a certain session timeout elapses. That is : High bounce rate means the site must be horrible to site visitors and most likely they would never return again. They are not even interested to check other content of the site. First impression counts. After… Read more →

quick iTouch links

MacBookAir? Is this really the best Apple could come up with? A laptop you can slide under the door or put in an envelop? Yeez… Probably the hot-air-book is about as thick as an iTouch. The first thing I did was to buy a leather case to protect the vulnerable thing, making it as thick as a first generation iPod…… Read more →

thanks for linking

I’ve re-installed the Google analytics plugin on december 22nd, so it is harvesting data for three weeks only. Still, it is an interesting tool to gain insight in the social networking aspect of math-blogging, something I’m still very bad at… Below the list of all blogs referring at least 10 times over this last three weeks. In brackets are the… Read more →

working archive plugin, please!

Over the last two weeks Ive ported all old neverendingbooks-post from the last 4 years to a nearly readable format. Some tiny problems remain : a few TeX-heavy old posts are still in $…$ format rather than LaTeXrender-compatible (but Ill fix this soon), a few links may turn out to be dead (still have to check out those), TheLibrary-project links… Read more →

overloaded iTouch

A jailbroken iTouch can do many wonderful tricks : by sarting up an AFDd server one can use it in Disk mode, exactly as an iPodClassic, one can use it as a WebServer by installing Apache and PHP and run a Wiki, one can install OpenSSH and secure shell to the rest of the world, one can even turn the… Read more →

top iTouch hacks

So, you did jailbreak your iTouch and did install some fun or useful stuff via the Install.app … but then, suddenly, the next program on your wish-list fails to install ??!! I know you hate to do drastic things to your iTouch, but sooner or later you’ll have to do it, so why not NOW? Move the Applications Folder The… Read more →

first things first : jailbreak

You may have surmised it from reading this post : Santa brought me an iPod Touch! (( or rather : Santa brought PD2 an iTouch and knowing his jealous nature ordered one for him as well… )) Ive used an iPodClassic to transfer huge files between home (MacBook) and office (iMac) as well as for backup purposes. I wanted to… Read more →

NeB on Leopard and iPhone

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and point your Safari browser to this blog you can now view it in optimised format, thanks to the iWPhone WordPress Plugin and Theme. I’ve only changed the CSS slightly to have the same greeny look-and-feel of the current redoable theme. Upgrading a WordPress-blog running under Tiger (Mac OS 10.4) to Leopard… Read more →

the unbearable lightness … (2)

Two brand new math-related blogs on which you can test my survival prediction : The EMS Committee on Women and Mathematics Weblog “has the purpose to work as a fact-finding unit exposing the problems and supporting the recognition of achievements of women in mathematics. It is directed to take such actions as it deems appropriate to encourage more women to… Read more →

the unbearable lightness of math-blogging

Back from vacation and wanting to know what I’ve missed. Not much, it seems. Hence this rant. Sit back and relax, I appreciate all hard work done by the few math-bloggers around entertaining thousands of math-lurkers wordwide. Still, I cannot refrain from adding this version of Carly Simon‘s refrein : “You’re so vain, you probably think this post is about… Read more →

Hexagonal Moonshine (3)

Hexagons keep on popping up in the representation theory of the modular group and its close associates. We have seen before that singularities in 2-dimensional representation varieties of the three string braid group $B_3 $ are ‘clanned together’ in hexagons and last time Ive mentioned (in passing) that the representation theory of the modular group is controlled by the double… Read more →