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What about Simone Weil?

While we wait for Clancy to be released/leaked, it is laudable that some people develop their own theory about Dema and its lore.

In recent weeks, a theory that Simone Weil is the key to it all is getting a lot of traction.

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In two words, this theory is based on the assumption that Vialism=Weilism and on textual similarities between the writings of Simone Weil and the Clancy letters.

The Keons YouTube channel explains all of this in great detail. Here’s their latest summary:

I may explore this further in an upcoming post, but today I want to recall what my own take on what Simone Weil’s role was until now.

I thought that Andre Weil was crucial to the story, and that Simone’s role was to have a boy/girl or brother/sister archetypical situation.

There’s this iconic photograph of them from 1922, taken weeks before Andre entered the ENS:

The same setting, boy on the left, girl to the right was used in the Nico and the niners-video, when they are in Dema

and, when they are a quite a bit older and in Trench, at the end of the Outside-video.

These scenes may support my theory that Dema was the ENS (both Andre and Simone studied there) as is explained in the post Where’s Bourbaki’s Dema?, and when they were both a bit older, and at the Bourbaki meetings in Chancay and Dieulefit, that they were banditos operating in Trench, as explained in the post Bourbaki = Bishops or Banditos.

There are two excellent books to read if you want to know more about the complex relationship between Andre and Simone Weil.

The first one is The Weil Conjectures: On Math and the Pursuit of the Unknown by Karen Olsson.

From it we get the impression that, at times, Simone felt intellectually inferior to Andre, who was three years older. She often asked him to explain what he was working on. Famous is his letter to her written in 1940 when he was jailed. Here’s a nice Quanta-article on it, A Rosetta stone for mathematics. This was also the reason why she wanted to attend some Bourbaki-meetings in order to get a better understanding of what mathematics was all about and how mathematicians think.

She was then critical about mathematics because all that thinking about illusory objects had no immediate relevance for real life. Well Simone, that’s the difference between mathematics and philosophy.

The second one is Chez les Weil, Andre et Simone written by Andre’s eldest daughter Sylvie.

From it we get another impression namely that Andre may have been burdened by the fact that, after Simone’s death, his parents life centered exclusively around the preservation of her legacy, ignorant of the fact that their other child was one of the best mathematicians of his generation.

Poor Andre, even on their family apartment in the Rue Auguste-Comte, which Andre used until late in his life while in Paris, is now this commemorative plaque

Well Andre, that’s the difference between a mathematician and a philosopher.

But, already at the end of the TØP PhotoShop mysteries post I hinted at the possibility that Simone’s role might be more important than I thought until now.

For, if you superimpose the two pictures Tyler used in his photoshop-trick, both appearances of Simone almost perfectly mirror each other.

Let’s dive deep into this new theory.

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