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  • Le Guide Bourbaki : Murol(s)

    The preparations for the unique Bourbaki-congress in Murols, start already in La Tribu 32 (fall 1953). On page 3: “Summer 54: To suit Phileas Chevalley, Sammy Fogg and eventual Mexicans and Colombians, this Congress will be held from August 17 to 30. Samuel will look for a hotel in Auvergne, but everyone is asked to […]

  • Where is the Royal Poldavian Academy?

    Among the items found on Andre Weil at the time of his arrest was “a packet of calling cards belonging to Nicolas Bourbaki, member of the Royal Academy of Poldavia”. But then, where is the Royal Poldavian Academy situated? Well, surely in the Kingdom of Poldavia, which is a very strange country indeed, its currency…