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sudoku mania (bis)

Situation : my first class this year, about 20
fresh(wo)men, their second class this year.

Me : Okay, who
did some mathematics this vacation?

(No response
obviously, even if they did, it’s not a cool thing to

Me : Sure, let me rephrase the question :
who thought about solving a puzzle or played a strategic game this

(No response, or… is there?….. a
timid question :

‘Does Sudoku

Me : Well, not really but okay
let’s rephrase the question : Who solved at least 1 Sudoku this

IMMEDIATE RESPONSE : about three quarters of all
students waving their arms!

Me :
Oof…….Oh…….Yes??? (to an even more timid
student raising his arm)

‘Does doing half a Sudoku
also counts?’

It’s going to be a tough

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