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Together with
Steve Beard, Jeff Noon devised the writing game Mappalujo. The set of rules can be
made applicable (with minor changes) to other situations such as :
writing a mathematical paper or book with a co-author, an idea for a
group-blog or it might be fun to run a seminar with two lecturers
following this idea. All one needs is a good choice of ghosts, perhaps
adding some order structure on them… Needless to say that
mappalujo is (via mamalujo) another tribute to Joyce. Back in the old
UIA-days we shared a building and more importantly a library with the
languages departments. There were times that I took out more Dutch and
English novels and Buffalo
than math-books. I’m happy to see that one of my
favourite books The Sigla of Finnegans Wake by McHugh is
now available online. If you ever wondered where my fascination for
strange notation comes from have a look here and if
you want to know more about Mamalujo, read the relevant chapter.

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