Here a list of pdf-files of NeverEndingBooks-posts on general topics, in reverse chronological order.

Bloomsday end

Group think 2

Down with determinants

Group think

MathML versus LatexRender

Stalking the Riemann hypothesis

MathML and work ahead

The secret life of numbers

CCDantas on blogging

Doing the Perelman

The n-category cafe

Writing with gloves on

Why mathematicians cannot write

The music of the primes

arXiv trackback wars


The efficient academic

2005 lists : math novels

Teaching mathematics

Two TA Tales

The Oxford murders


LatexRender Plugin for WordPress under Tiger


Google scholar

Simonne Stevens (1926-2004)

Quiver pictures in WordPress

Groen moet!

Artistic (and other) frustrations

The cpu 2 generation

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