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GAMAP 2008

Next week, our annual summer school Geometric and Algebraic Methods with Applications in Physics will start, once again (ive lost count which edition it is).

Because Isar is awol to la douce France, I’ll be responsible (once again) for the web-related stuff of the meeting. So, here a couple of requests to participants/lecturers :

  • if you are giving a mini-course and would like to have your material online, please contact me and i’ll make you an author of the Arts blog.
  • if you are a student attending the summerschool and would love to do some Liveblogging about the meeting, please do the same.

I’ll try to do some cross-posting here when it comes to my own lectures (and, perhaps, a few others). For now, I settled on ‘What is noncommutative geometry?’ as a preliminary title, but then, I’m in the position to change the program with a few keystrokes, so I’ll probably change it by then (or remove myself from it altogether…).

At times, I feel it would be more fun to do a few talks on Math-blogging. An entertaining hour could be spend on the forensic investigation of the recent Riemann-Hypothesis-hype in (a good part of) the math-blogosphere

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