MinuteMochizuki 2

Welcome back to the second episode in the stills-YouTube-channel MinuteMochizuki. Today we will dismantle not just one scheme, but a simple cover of arithmetic schemes and replace it by a

Quadratic Arithmetic Frobenioid

MinuteMochizuki 1

This week on G+ i said i'd better set-up a YouTube channel MinuteMochizuki (mimicking MinutePhysics) but it's way quicker to doodle a few things, instant-upload a snap-shot and add some explanation. But, there's only that much math one can cram into a G+ post, so i will try to cross-post here.

G-spots : Massy

One week from now, Alexandre Grothendieck will turn 85. Today, we'll have a glance at his 'wilder years', the early 70ties, when he resigned from the IHES and became one of the leading figures in the French eco-movement. This iconic picture is from those days

The text reads:

"Schurik entre les "frères ennemis" Gaston Galan et Dyama, rue Polonceau.

Derrière, Chantal et Motito (femme et fille de Gaston)."