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vaCation reading (3)

Over the last month a pile of books grew in our living room to impressive heights, intended to be packed for our usual 3+week vacation to the south of France. From the outset it was clear that ‘circumstances’ (see title for hint) forced us to slim it down to 2 weeks-max, this year.

So, last week I did divide the pile into two, those books I really wanted to read on vacation and those that could wait a bit longer. But then, a few days ago, the bigC stroke again, making it imperative to change our plans (and probably forget about vacation at all, this year). There’s a slim chance we’ll get away for a couple of days, so I made a further selection, just in case.

Below, I’ll give the original list (as well as their fate in the selection process) hoping that you can take them all with you, that is, if life treats your loved ones gentler…

In the category physics-general public books :

In the category mathematics-general public books :

In the category mathematics :

In the category literature :

In the category litter-ature :

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