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people objected to the set-up of TheLibrary because it was serving only one-page at a
time. They’d rather have a longer download-time if they can then
browse through the paper/book, download it and print if they decide to
do so.

Fine! Today I spend some hours refilling TheLibrary with
texts. As before you are able to search any document for specific words
(as explained in elsewhere )
and click on any section or page to view the wanted material in your
browser (assuming you have the proper plugin installed). This time I
used pdfscreen to make the notes more readable on your

If you prefer, you can download the text, safe it on
your hard-disk and browse at leasure. Whereas these versions are
intended to be read from screen, you can also print them if you have to
at 150dpi. In the next couple of weeks I hope to add some material :
older and undergraduate courses and I’ll add a _papers_ section
where I’ll put all my papers of which I can recover a TeX-file. For
starters, I included the revision of the Qurves and quivers
paper in the courses-folder.

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