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Here some
possible uses of Markdown and the
HumaneText Service.
As an example, let us take the
noncommutative geometry & algebra page
maintained by Paul Smith.

If you copy the source of this page to BBEdit and use the script in the #! menu (see
this post)
you get a nicely readable Markdown-file which strips the page of all its
layout and which is easy to modify, for example to include author and
URL at the start, remove some additional empty lines, make relative URLs
absolute and so on.

Applying the
script to it one gets a nice RetroCool version
of the page. For starters, this gives a way to make your own collection
of websites you like in a uniform layout (of course, later on you can
add your own CSS to them).

More important is that the
Markdown-version (see here for
the text-file) is extremely readable and allows to _mine_ all
links easily (as you can see all links contained in the HTML-page are
referenced together at the end of the file). So, this is a quick way to
collect homepage- and email-links from link-pages.

Btw. there
are different ways to include links in a markdown text, for example I
like to write it immediately after the reference, so doing a
followed by a doesn’t have to reproduce your original file
and fortunately you will always end up with a file having all links
referenced at the end. So, this procedure allows you to have uniformity
in a collection of markdown-files.

Equally important for me (for
later use in an intelligent database using DevonThink ) is that the Markdown file is the best way to safe the
HTML file in the database (as a RTF file) while maintaining readability
(which is important when DevonThink returns snippets of

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