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  • Bourbaki, Brassens, Hula Hoops and Coconuts

    More than ten years ago, when I ran a series of posts on pre-WW2 Bourbaki congresses, I knew most of the existing B-literature. I’m afraid I forgot most of it, thereby missing opportunities to spice up a dull post (such as yesterday’s). Right now, I need facts about the infamous ACNB and its former connection […]

  • Le Guide Bourbaki : Royaumont

    At least six Bourbaki-congresses were held in ‘Royaumont’: La Tribu 18 : ‘Congres oecumenique du cocotier’, April 13th-25th 1949 La Tribu 22 : ‘Congres de la revanche du cocotier’, April 5th-17th 1950 La Tribu without number : ‘Congres de l’horizon’, October 8th-15th 1950 La Tribu 26 : ‘Congres croupion’, October 1st-9th 1951 La Tribu 31…