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  • Bourbaki, Brassens, Hula Hoops and Coconuts

    More than ten years ago, when I ran a series of posts on pre-WW2 Bourbaki congresses, I knew most of the existing B-literature. I’m afraid I forgot most of it, thereby missing opportunities to spice up a dull post (such as yesterday’s). Right now, I need facts about the infamous ACNB and its former connection […]

  • Map of the Parisian mathematical scene 1933-39

    . Michele Audin has written a book on the history of the Julia seminar (hat tip +Chandan Dalawat via Google+). The “Julia Seminar” was organised between 1933 and 1939, on monday afternoons, in the Darboux lecture hall of the Institut Henri Poincare. After good German tradition, the talks were followed by tea, “aimablement servi par…

  • the bumpy road to the first Bourbaki congress

    The first Bourbaki congress took eventually place in Besse-en-Chandesse. But, its organization suffered from the ‘usual’ inter-departemental fighting, and also from a power-struggle within the group itself. On many issues de Possel and AndrĂ© Weil were on opposite sides, and it didn’t really help that there was a woman involved… Because Mandelbrojt, de Possel and…