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Scottish solids

John McKay
pointed me to a few interesting links on ‘Platonic’ solids and monstrous
moonshine. If you thought that the ancient Greek discovered the five
Platonic solids, think again! They may have been the first to give a
correct proof of the classification but the regular solids were already
known in 2000BC as some
neolithic stone artifacts
discovered in Scotland show. These
Scottish solids can be visited at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. McKay
also points to the paper Polyhedra in physics,
chemistry and geometry
by Michael Atiyah and Paul Sutcliffe. He also
found my posts on a talk I gave on monstrous moonshine for 2nd year students earlier this year and
mentionted a few errors and updates. As these posts are on my old weblog
I’ll repost and update them here soon. For now you can already hear and
see a talk given by John McKay himself 196884=1+196883, a monstrous tale at the Fields Institute.

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