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quotes of the day

Some people are in urgent need of a vacation, myself included…

From the paper Transseries for beginners by G.A. Edgar, arXived today :

Well, brothers and sisters, I am here today to tell you: If you love these formulas,
you need no longer hide in the shadows! The answer to all of these woes is here.

In a comment over at The Everthing Seminar

Shouldn’t dwarfs on the shoulders on giants be a little less arrogant?

by Micromegas.
Well, I’d rather enter a flame war than report about it. But, for some reason I cannot comment at the EverythingSeminar, nor at the SecretBloggingSeminar. Is this my problem or something to do with blogs? If you encountered a similar problem and managed to solve it, please let me know.

UPDATE (febr. 2) : my comment did surface after 5 days. Greg fished it out of their spam-filter. Thanks! I’ll try to comment at blogs from now on by NOT linking to neverendingbooks. I hope this will satisfy their spam-filter…

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