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Here a list of saved pdf-files of previous NeverEndingBooks-posts on geometry in reverse chronological order.

The rationality problem

The Manin-Marcolli cave

The taxicab curve

Anabelian geometry

Noncommutative curves and their manifolds

The noncommutative manifold of a Riemann surface

The best rejected proposal ever

Noncommutative geometry – a medieval science?

Master class 2007

2006 paper nominees

Coalgebras and non-geometry 3

Coalgebras and non-geometry 2

Coalgebras and non-geometry 1

Krull and Paris

Noncommutative at Newton

Noncommutative Fourier transforms

Non-(commutative) geometry


A good day at the arXiv

Noncommutative geometry master class

Noncommutative complete intersections

Master program 2006

Noncommutative topology 4

Noncommutative topology 3

Noncommutative topology 2

Noncommutative topology 1

Alain Connes on … everything

Jacobian conjecture remains open

The Klein stack

Sexing-up curves

Why nag? 3

Granada Notes

Why nag? 2

Why nag? 1

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