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neverendingbooks-geometry (2)

Here pdf-files of older NeverEndingBooks-posts on geometry. For more recent posts go here.

Seen this quiver?

Necklaces (again)

B for bricks

A for aggregates

From Galois to NOG

Jacobian update 2

Jacobian update

Congrats Carolyn!

Double Poisson algebras


Smooth Brauer-Severis

Brauer-Severi varieties


Differential forms

Cotangent bundles

Moduli spaces

Representation spaces

Quiver representations

Algebraic vs. differential NOG

Path algebras

Nog course outline

The Azumaya locus does determine the order

Differential geometry

The one quiver for GL(2,Z)

The necklace Lie bialgebra

More noncommutative manifolds

Points and lines

Projects in noncommutative geometry

Noncommutative geometry 2

Noncommutative geometry 1

A noncommutative Grothendieck topology

Connected component coalgebra

NOG master class update

NOG master class

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