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le travers – april 2006

Here is a
solution to the Intel-Mac schizo-situation of having GAP running on the
Mac-partition, whereas Singular and Maxima had to run on the
WindowsXP-partition (see this post for
the problems) : get and install Sage!

Crete de
l’espinasse : Wednesday 20.17h Alt. 750m. The nearest place having
mobile reception. It takes a walk of 1.25km and a climb of 150m to get a

Blanche : Tuesday 14.03h : Alt. 897m : the end of a 6km climb from

Travers : Monday 19hrs Alt. 604m, 19 C…

St Regis : Sunday 11.45h Alt. 719m. The highest point of the
bicycle-tour : le Travers-Dompnac-Pourcharesse-St Melany-le Travers
(27.2 km).

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