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artistic and other frustrations

Yesterday, PD1 exhibited some of her paintings in the Antwerp Museum for
. Over breakfast this morning she was in a rare angry
mood. No, she was satisfied with the responses she got on her work, the
room was not ideal (lighting etc.) but that was not what mattered…
Me : So?
She : There was this other work, a
video-performance. I once saw by accident on Arte a short-film and this
performance stole the whole idea of that film, from start to finish! The
whole idea was nicked!
Me : Wake up! That\’s the majority way
of creating art, or science for that matter.
She : But it is so
unfair! Why do people steal ideas ?
Me : Maybe they don\’t see
it as stealing. Maybe they believe they do a better thing with the
original idea than the person who invented it.
She : Nothing
can beat the original! Anyway, I find the most rewarding thing about art
to come up with an original idea and work it out. It cannot be rewarding
to steal other people\’s ideas.
Me (dry) : I think such people
are after other rewards…
She : The same thing happens at
school. Sometimes I come up with a suggestion to use a different
technique or material and then a few weeks later, half of my class seems
to have worked this out too.
Me : So ? You still had the
She : Yes, but the Jury doesn\’t know that!
Me :
So ? After the Jury you can still be confident to come up with new
ideas, these others may fear they will only be able to repeat
She : But is it so unfair!
Me : What\’s
the alternative ? Are you going to lock yourself up in your room to
paint and let nobody see the result?
She : No, but I prefer to
do my painting here at home, on my own with nobody looking over my
shoulder constantly to see whether they can use some of my ideas. I will
paint on my own and only when it is fully finished they may see the
Me : That\’s the spirit girl! You are much cleverer
than I will ever be…

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