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tweedledee and tweedledum

Tweedledum is a first-generation iMac (233 MHz
slot-loading, 192Mb RAM, No Airport) whereas Tweedledee is
2nd-generation (350 MHz front-loading, 192Mb RAM, Airport card). A
couple of weeks ago I replaced their original hard-discs (4 Gb resp. 6
Gb) by fat 120 Gb discs and from this weekend they serve as our
backup-facility. Tweedledee is connected via Airport to our network and
is a fully functional 10.3 computer, everyone has a login on it and is
encouraged to dump important files onto it as a secondary copy.
Tweedledum. on the other hand, is invisible to the network but forms a
one-wire network with Tweedledee (they are connected by a crossed
ethernet cable which results in having a self-assigned IP address in the
169.254 range and hence they can see each other; moreover using the
Sharing-pane in the System Preferences I allowed
Tweedledee to share its internet connection to other computers,
connected to it via Ethernet, so Tweedledum can go online to get
system-updates when necessary).
A house-computer rule is that
all important files (which means those you don’t like to loose in a
crash) are kept in the Documents folder of your
Home-folder on your own computer. At regular intervals I make
sure that these folders are synchronized with backup-copies on both
Tweedledee & Tweedledum, so at any given time there are at least 3
computers containing the essential files (usually more as everyone has a
login at each of the 4 ‘work’-computers and can drop extra copies
around, but must clean-up when asked).
To synchronise I use
the shareware program ExecutiveSync. It is no longer possible to
obtain this from its original homepage as they seem to have been taken
over and invite you to buy You Sinc instead which costs more than
twice what ExecutiveSync costs (19.95$). Fortunately, for now you can
still download it from the Apple site. I have
ExecutiveSync running on Tweedledee (you are only allowed to run it on
one computer, you can install it on every computer but then the
synchronizing process is sometimes not possible which is why I came to
the following work-around). In ExecutiveSync you make several
Projects which involve choosing a Local folder and a
Remote folder somewhere on your network which you want to keep in
Sync. In my Home folder on Tweedledee I made several (originally
empty) folders such as docsGitte. Then my ExecutiveSync-project
syncGitte takes docsGitte as the local folder and the
/Users/gitte/Documents-folder on iBookGitte as the remote
folder. The first time you synchronise takes a lot of time (especially
over the wireless network, it may be better to do the first sync via
ethernet) but afterwards it works pleasantly.
Once I
synchronised all the local Documents-folders with the corresponding
folders in my home-folder on Tweedledee, I have another
ExecutiveSync-project BACKUP which takes as the Local-folder my
Home-folder and as the remote folder a folder BACKUP I did create
on Tweedledum. Fortunately, here the synchronising is done over Ethernet
or it would take forever.

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