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the unbearable lightness … (2)

Two brand new math-related blogs on which you can test my survival prediction :

The EMS Committee on Women and Mathematics Weblog “has the purpose to work as a fact-finding unit exposing the problems and supporting the recognition of achievements of women in mathematics. It is directed to take such actions as it deems appropriate to encourage more women to study mathematics at school level, at university level, and at research level, and to support women mathematicians in the academic positions.”

Timothy Gowers now has a blog called Gowers’s webblog and will no doubt soon change his default about page

Gowers’s post What might an expository mathematical wiki be like? addresses the ongoing discussion (mainly at the n-category cafe and the secret blogging seminar ) of the (dis)advantages of a wiki over a blog to communicate mathematics.

I think a wiki is way better at this, but it is also more problematic to maintain (for example, memory-wise). But then, there is the obvious solution : join Wikipedia! Probably it is a much better time-investment to set-up/modify/update a math-related wikipedia page than to use the volatile blog-format when it comes to explaining mathematics…

I admit, Ive never done this myself but instead spend (too much) time trying to blog about math I like. By chance, I found this sci.math thread on my previous tertra-lattices post, showing the futility of it all. If only these guys would have left a comment then I might have explained it better.

Since then, Im in a sort of a bloggers’ block.

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