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the n-category cafe

often argued here that the only way to keep a mathematical blog going
over time is to change it into a group-blog. At times, I’ve even
approached some people directly asking them to contribute but with no
success, so far. (Btw. I’ve given up on this, but in case you changed
your mind, you know where to find me). Still, it
is nice to see that some people succeed where I’ve failed. For a few
weeks now, a brand-new group blog is producing posts at an amazing rate
: The n-category
. The contributors are John Baez (also known from his
This Week’s Finds in
Mathematical Physics
), David Corfield (also
known from his blog Philosophy of
Real Mathematics
) and Urs Schreiber (also
known as a contributor to The String Coffee Table ).
The blog’s subtitle ‘A group blog on math, physics and philosophy’
promises a wider range of topics than the mainly categorical stuff
posted so far (perhaps, they will open up their cafe at a later date to
others willing to contribute?)

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