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the efficient academic

software help mathematicians to keep up with the neverending (sic) flood
of new research material? In the past I touched this already… Recently, there is a new fairly active Google group
efficient academic
which describes its interests as

Professors, Instructors, and Graduate Students
interested in getting things done more easily and quickly. We discuss
organization, task management, and tools that helps us to be more
productive and not procrastinate. We tend to discuss David Allen’s
GTD system but not exclusively. (278 members)

Personally, I think GTD is far too management-driven to be useful in
research, but I’m equally convinced that there are nice programs
around that I have to delve deeper into, in particular DevonThinkPro.
Fortunately, Serkan Cabi has
written two interesting posts on applications of DevonThink to
physics-research :

which can help me a bit. In the second post
appears another useful resource for the average desperate present-day
ringtheorist. Joanna Karczmarek
can help you to put the Hep-th
on Your Harddrive
. A mere 8Gb containing all material published on
hep-th over the years, just waiting to be put in a database-tool like
DevonThink or, if you still need an excuse to buy one, on your iPod to
read on your daily commute…

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