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the Bourbaki code : offline

If you’ve downloaded recently the little booklet containing the collection of my posts on the Bourbaki code, either in pdf- or epub-format, cherish it. I have taken all Bourbaki-code posts offline (that is, changed their visibility from ‘Public’ to ‘Private’). Here’s why.

Though all speculations and the few ‘discoveries’ in these posts are entirely my own work, I did benefit tremendously from background-information on the pre-war Bourbakis provided by experts in the field via email.

The great divide between myself and these historians is that to me the Bourbaki-story is merely a game and a pleasant time-waster, whereas to them it is the lifeblood of their research, and hence of their professional existence.

I value this interaction too much to jeopardize it by trowing potential useful tidbits of info in the public arena too quickly, before they are thoroughly researched or discarded.

I will continue the Bourbaki-code investigation offline, and, perhaps this will lead one day to something publishable. Here, we will switch back to mathematics, most of you will be relieved to hear.

As a matter of (open-access) principle, if you want to have your own copy of the Bourbaki-code booklet, please email me and specify the format (pdf or epub).

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