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  • We sit in our ivory towers and think

    I’m on vacation, and re-reading two ‘metabiographies’: Philippe Douroux : Alexandre Grothendieck : Sur les traces du dernier génie des mathématiques and Siobhan Roberts : Genius At Play: The Curious Mind of John Horton Conway . Siobhan Roberts’ book is absolutely brilliant! I’m reading it for the n-th time, first on Kindle, then hardcopy, and […]

  • Rarer books: Singmaster’s notes

    David Singmaster‘s “Notes on Rubik’s magic cube” are a collectors item, but it is still possible to buy a copy. I own a fifth edition (august 1980). These notes capture the Rubik craze of those years really well. Here’s a Conway story, from Siobhan Roberts’ excellent biography Genius at Play. The ICM in Helsinki in…

  • The return of the Scottish solids

    In Januari’s issue of the Notices of the AMS there’s a paper by Mohammad Ghomi Dürer’s Unfolding Problem for Convex Polyhedra. Here are the opening lines: “Convex polyhedra are among the oldest mathematical objects. Indeed the five platonic solids, which constitute the climax of Euclid’s books, were already known to the ancient people of Scotland…