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Elkies’ puzzles

Noam D. Elkies is a
Harvard mathematician whose main research interests have to do with
lattices and elliptic curves. He is also a very talented composer of
chess problems. The problem to teh left is a proof game
in 14 moves. That is, find the UNIQUE legal chess game leading to the
given situation after the 14th move by black. Elkies has also written a
beautiful paper On Numbers
and Endgames
applying combinatorial game theory (a la Winning
Ways!) to chess-endgames (mutual Zugzwang positions correspond to zero
positions) and a follow-up article Higher Nimbers in pawn
endgames on large chessboards
. Together with Richard Stanley he wrote a
paper for the Mathematical Intelligencer called The Mathematical
which is stuffed with chess problems! But perhaps most
surprising is that he managed to run his own course on Chess and

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