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  • eBook – ePub : comments

    There were some great comments by Peter before this post was taken offline. So, here they are, once again.

  • What’s Pippa got to do with the Bourbaki wedding?

    Last time we’ve seen that on June 3rd 1939, the very day of the Bourbaki wedding, Malraux’ movie ‘L’espoir’ had its first (private) viewing, and we mused whether Weil’s wedding card was a coded invitation to that event. But, there’s another plausible explanation why the Bourbaki wedding might have been scheduled for June 3rd :…

  • What happened on the Bourbaki wedding day?

    Early on in this series we deciphered part of the Bourbaki wedding invitation The wedding was planned on “le 3 Cartembre, an VI” or, for non-Bourbakistas, June 3rd 1939. But, why did they choose that particular day? Because the wedding-invitation-joke was concocted sometime between mid april and mid may 1939, the most probable explanation clearly…