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something to think about

This is
not going to be the post I should be writing (this morning I found out
that the last post
must have been rather cryptic as I didnt manage to get it explained to
people who should know at least half of the picture, so at the moment
Im writing out a short note giving the dictionary between the Kontsevich-Soibelman
and my
. I’m still undecided whether this will make it here, or to
the arXiv or to my dustbin…).

Instead I want to draw your
attention to one of the best posts I’ve read lately. It’s
called A man’s character is his fate and it’s from
Christine C. Dantas’ blog Christine’s Background
and clearly has a history which you may know if you
somewhat followed (some) physics blogs this week or which you may
reconstruct from this and this from her site and something else.

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