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seen this quiver?

The above quiver on 10 vertices is not symmetric, but has the
interesting property that every vertex has three incoming and three
outgoing arrows. If you have ever seen this quiver in another context,
please drop me a line. My own interest for it is that it is the ‘one
quiver’ for a non-commutative compactification of $GL_2(\mathbb{Z}) $. If
you like to know what I mean by this, you might consult the
Granada-notes which I hope to post over the weekend.

On a
different matter, if you want to know what all this hype on derived
categories and the classification project is about but got lost in the
pile of preprints, you might have a look at the Bourbaki talk by Raphael
Rouquier Categories
derivees et geometrie birationnelle
posted today on the arXiv.

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