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last, some excitement about noncommutative geometry in the blogosphere.

From what I deduce from reading the first posts, Arup Pal set up a new blog
called Noncommutative
and subsequently handed it over to Masoud Khalkhali who then
got Alain Connes to post on it who, in turn, is asking people to submit
posts, such as todays post by David Goss.

Somehow, most people refer to the Noncommutative Geometry blog as
“Alain Connes’ blog” (for example Doctor Gero, Not Even
, the n-category cafe and
possibly many others).

David Corfield over at the n-category cafe stops
short of suggesting to rename (by analogy) NeverEndingBooks into
Kontsevich’s blog

A new blog Noncommutative Geometry
has begun, which appears to be of the Connesian variety. (Connes himself
has already commented there.) We mentioned a couple of weeks ago that
there are different flavours of noncommutative geometry. The
Kontsevichian variety, nongeometry, finds its blog voice in Lieven Le
Bruyn’s NeverEndingBooks. It would be interesting to see some

I don’t think I will opt for a dialectic
response to the Noncommutative Geometry Blog, although I realize this would result
in more enjoyable reading for some of you…

For starters,
I’ve signed up to another flagship of noncommutative
_differential_ geometry :, though it is unclear to me what action (if any) is
going on over there.

Further, I plan to move my talks at the master class
noncommutative geometry
to the virtual lecture room of this blog,
hoping to get the desired interaction. We’ll start later this week and
the pace will be pretty easy going. A tentative title might be
“Anabelian versus Noncommutative Geometry”.

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