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my lifestream

The old
concept of getting your
brain subscribed to
has a reincarnation into the
lifestream idea : add a page to your blog listing all
your timed actions on the web. I stumbled upon it via the
Lifestream – ala wordpress
post containing a link to the original Streaming my life away
article by Jeremy Keith. After far
too much time I managed to install Chris Davis’
Lifestream wordpress plugin
. Here are some comments that may make it easier to install a
lifestream page yourself. To begin, don’t download the plugin at the
top of the page, but rather scroll down to comment 886-59 by Gunnar
Hafdal and download via the link given there (or use this direct link).
This version at least contains a readme file (even after reading through
all the php-code of the other version I didn’t have a clue as how to use
it, in the readme file I finally learned that you had to create a new
page and use Lifestream as a page-template…). Next, I could’t
get it working until line 78 of stream.php was
commented out (the Copenhagen-time line). Also don’t use the
Dashboard-Manage-Lifestream page in the hope to change your
RSS-subsriptions, but rather hard-code them in the
life.php file. Bear in mind that not all RSS-data will
work with Lifestream. I’ve tried out all of the social bookmark sites of
which the logo is given at the bottom of a post, and found that only six
of them work without doing extra work : co.mments, digg,
ma.gnolia, furl, netvouz and (the last one modulo the fact
that it doesnt give the accurate time). At the moment I’ve added just
co.mments, digg, magnolia and netvouz to my lifestream but I may add
other streams later. Of course one can solve problems with the other
RSS-feeds by scraping them and writing new feeds which Lifestream (or
rarther the underlying magpieRSS bundled with wordpress) can handle. I
assume this is the idea behind the other Lifestream plugin by Elliot Black (I havent
tried this one out). The last thing to do is then to change the
stream.php file so that it produces a page with more or
less the same look and feel of the rest of the blog. Apart from a few
things which I still have to remedy, I’m happy with my
Lifestream. Now it is time to have a serious go at some of these
social-bookmarking sites…

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