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master class 2007

week our master programme on noncommutative geometry
will start. Here is the list of all international mini-courses (8 hours
each) and firm or tentative dates. For the latest update, it is always
best to check with the Arts seminar

  • Hans-Juergen Schneider (Munich) “Hopf Galois extensions and
    quotient theory of Hopf algebras”. February 20-23 each day from

  • Markus Reineke
    (Wuppertal) “Representations of quivers”. February 27-28, March 1-2
    each day from 10h30-12h30.

  • Arthur Ruuge
    (Moscow) “Semiclassical approximation of quantum
    mechanics”. March 6-9 each day from 10h30-12h30.
  • Rupert Yu
    (Poitiers) in March or April.
  • Isar Stubbe (Antwerp) in April.
  • Fred Van Oystayen (Antwerp) in April.
  • Raf
    Bocklandt (Antwerp) in April or May.
  • Goro Kato (Los Angeles)
    in May.
  • Florin Panaite (Bucharest) in May.
  • Pjotr
    Hajac (Warsaw) in June.

Apart from these mini-courses
there will be four regular courses (approx. 30hrs each) during the whole

  • Raf Bocklandt “Knot theory”.
  • Lieven Le Bruyn “Noncommutative geometry”.
  • Geert Van
    de Weyer “Quantum groups”.
  • Fred Van Oysyaeyen
    “Noncommutative algebra”.


p>Dates and places of all
lectures will be made available through the Arts seminar

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