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make your own mopp

If you
want to make your own ‘My Online Publications Page’ (MOPP) similar
to mine here’s what you have to do :

  1. in case you are running
    Linux, all you need is the mopp package and
    follow the instruction on this page.
  2. if you are onto Mac OSX you have to get and compile a few more
    packages. To start, go to the BibTeX bibliography tools page and
    download the bibclean file. Go to
    the directory, do a ./configure and a
    make and copy the resulting executable bibclean to the
    bibtools/bin folder of your mopp-folder (see first
  3. get the latest gawk package. Do a
    ./configure, then a make and a
    sudo make install and gawk gets installed at
    /usr/local/bin/gawk. Make a symbolic link (or use a
    bruteforce copy) to /usr/bin/gawk.
  4. Make a
    symbolic link or a bruteforce sudo cp /bin/ksh
  5. If you are using only scanned
    pdf-files it is sufficient to get DjVu-versions of them using the Any2DjVu service. If you want
    to do the conversion from Pdflatex-files yourself, get the DjVuLibre package, configure,
    make and install it as before. All programs get installed under
    /usr/local/bin, write down the files in the
    djvu/bin folder of the mopp-folder, remove them and
    copy your compiled version of them from /usr/local/bin to the djvu/bin
  6. Open the work/ script of
    the mopp-folder in an editor, comment out the recode
    line and change the awk line into
    awk -v
    THELOGO=”$MOPP_LOGO” -f bib2html.awk \
    (that is
    add a space after the two -v options).
  7. You should now be
    able to follow the remaining instruction from the How to make “My
    Online Publications Page” page
    to get a mopp-page which looks
    roughly like this one.
  8. If you want to change the layout of that page, you should
    modify the work/bibtex2html.awk file to fit your taste.
    If you want to have a layout similar to mine email me and I’ll send you my bibtex2html.awk file.

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