iTouch as network sniffer

In the iTouch warwalking post I was considering trying to gain access to closed networks for innocent purposes such as checking mail, rather than stealing secret passwords from people allowing you free access to their wireless network, but still, I should have thought of the following possibility

Here’s a walk-through :

  • type the following command into your iTouch (assuming you’ve installed the BSD subsystem) :

tcpdump -v -s 65535 -w log.txt

  • once you’ve collected enough packets, cancel the command (ctrl c), AFPd the file from the iTouch to your Mac and open it with Wireshark (this is the most convenient way to install binaries under Leopard as well as an updated version of X11. For other platforms, or source code, see here)

  • do whatever black magic you feel you have to perform using Wireshark (the new name for Ethereal) or other password crackers

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