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irrelevant list

there is no way to recover from the previous post, allow me a slow
restart by listing some of the a-typical things done this week :

  • Ate more chocolate than during the last five years

  • Drove the car more than during the rest of the year (minus

  • Didn't do any bicycle exercise

  • Only checked email in the morning (at best)

  • Didn't do any math (apart from helping

  • Didn't go in to university at

  • Drank even more coffee than usual

  • Regardless, felt exhausted every evening

  • Did far
    less web-surfing (but managed to find
    on academic blogging)

  • Cooked fast and way too
    cholestorol-rich meals

  • Ate even more chocolates

Fortunately, the semester (and teaching)
starts tomorrow!

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