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home automation, the next project??

I\’ve barely managed to implement the six
great tips for homemade dot mac servers
by Alan
or he is already off on a new project : Home Automation
with Mac OS X
. I thought that home automation only could be
installed in new, highly wired, houses but I was wrong. In part
Alan Graham gives an overview why you might consider home
automation, gives the set-up in his house and outlines the hardware
necessary to do it. Clearly, most of his hardware is American but even
in Belgium it is not difficult to find vendors, for example One can either control the
X10-machinery by remote control or via computer. For Macintosh Alan
Graham suggests to use the indigo program, of which one can download a fully
functional version for a 30 day tryout. The only piece I could not find
(yet) in Belgium was the PowerLink USB device but there is a serial-port
alternative available which seems to work just fine using a USB to
Serial cable (which are fairly expensive). In part 2 Alan Graham explains the basics of X10 technology and how you can
install all the hardware. In part 3 and later he promises to explain the
software part of things (if he hasnt started a new project by

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