fall again

When the leaves start falling, so does the plane Jacobian conjecture,
or so it seems. The comparison is a bit weak in this case as two of the
authors of the preprint posted today at the arXiv A Proof of the Plane
Jacobian Conjecture
are based in Sydney, Australia… A
first glance through the paper shows that it uses Newton-polygons and
the 1975 Abyankar-Moh result on
embeddings of the line in the plane. Techniques that have been tried
before by numerous people in their attempts to tackle the plane Jacobian
(the reference to Dean in this wikipedia entry is
outdated, as mentioned in an old blog
entry). Still, the paper just might be correct. As there
are several editors chasing me for overdue referee reports I have no
time to go through the proof in detail, but if you hear more on this
paper or have the energy to go through it, please leave a comment.

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