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diy psychoanalysis

After several years of total inactivity in the DIY-sector I managed to do the following over the week-end :

  • Replace two bedroom reading lamps (at least two years overdue). We had a two-lamps-in-one IKEA thing but ThePartner’s side broke off two years ago and mine followed a year later. Since then one lamp hung in very unstable equilibrium and in the end the only way to prevent nightly accidents was to position it vertically

  • Fix the halogen spots in the kitchen (at least one year overdue). Two years ago one half of the spots went dead because the transfo overheated. I spend a week trying to find the (totally unreachable) place where it was hidden by the installers, so I wasn’t looking forward to a repeat when the second half went dead last year. Yesterday, after replacing the transfo it became clear that this time it was just a matter of faulty spots

  • Rewire the dinner room (at least three years overdue). For years an outlet was lying around on the floor. It is now replaced by a state of the art cable tray

You do not need to have a master in psychoanalysis to figure out that I am subconsciously trying to regain some control over OurHouseSystem which PseudonymousDaughterOne gave a couple of blows this week. And, running electricity errands has a much higher effect-rate than parental interference.

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