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Ceci n’est pas un blog…

“Lieven le Bruyn’s NEVERENDINGBOOKS isn’t really a blog at all…”

Vlorbik’s unintentional [smack in the face]( $ left me bewildered ever since.

There aren’t that many [mathematical blogs]( around, and, sure enough, we all have a different temperament, and hence a distinct style. I have no definition of what a mathematical blog should (or should not) be.

All I can say is that I try to reconcile an introvert character with a very public medium, partly because I think it is important for mathematics to be www-visible, but mostly because I’ve enjoyed exploring web-possibilities ever since someone told me of the existence of a language called html.

I’m a [Bauhaus]( and hence like minimal wordpress-themes such as [Equilibrium]( $. Perhaps this confuses some.

For this reason I’ve reinstalled the old-theme as default, and leave the reader to decide in the sidebar. This may not make this a blog yet, but it sure looks more like one…

As a one-time attempt to fit into the vast scenery of link-post-blogs, let’s try to increase the google visibility of some family-related sites (sorry, no math-links beyond) :

– The economic crisis is hitting hard at small companies such as my [sister’s-in-law]( offering gardening-services.
– My god-child Tine is away for six months on a scholarship to Austria and blogging at [Tine’s adventures in Graz]( $.
– My daughter Gitte (aka here as PD1) is an [artist](
– My father, who will turn 79 next week, runs one of the most [popular blogs on]( $.

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