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B for bricks

Last time we
argued that a noncommutative variety might be an _aggregate_
which locally is of the form $\mathbf{rep}~A$ for some affine (possibly
non-commutative) $C$-algebra $A$. However, we didn't specify what we
meant by 'locally' as we didn't define a topology on
$\mathbf{rep}~A$, let alone on an arbitrary aggregate. Today we will start
the construction of a truly _non-commutative topology_ on
Here is the basic idea : we start with a thick
subset of finite dimensional representations on which we have a natural
(ordinary) topology and then we extend this to a non-commutativce
topology on the whole of $\mathbf{rep}~A$ using extensions. The impatient
can have a look at my old note A noncommutative
topology on rep A
but note that we will modify the construction here
in two essential ways.
In that note we took $\mathbf{simp}~A$, the
set of all fnite dimensional simple representations, as thick subset
equipped with the induced Zariski topology on the prime spectrum
$\mathbf{spec}~A$. However, this topology doesn't behave well with
respect to the gluings we have in mind so we will extend $\mathbf{simp}~A$

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