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arXiv trackback wars

If you happen to have a couple of hours to kill, you might have a look at the
arXiv trackback policy debate over at Jacques Distler’s blog Musings. But before you dive into this it is perhaps useful to glance at what went before. Distler did pester (his wording, not mine) the arXiv to add trackbacks from certain weblogs to hep-th postings (i’m not aware of math-papers having trackbacks). So far so good, the more information about a paper the better i’d say, but it seems that not all weblogs’ trackbacks are allowed… A small commitee has the power to divide hep-th people into ‘crackpots’ or ‘active researchers’
(mother nature may very well decide to add all stringtheorists from the second category to the first in a couple of years… but, i’m digressing) and accordingly censor specific blogs and frustrate their authors, Peter Woit’s blog Not Even Wrong being the main victim. The whole trackback-policy is yet another futile academics power-game. Futile because there is an obvious way around it : type into Technorati either the arXiv-number or title or author and you will get all (!) weblog postings mentioning the paper (Technorati even has a slider if you only want to read postings with ‘authority’ rather than all). Perhaps one of the more tech-abled stringtheorists should spend an afternoon to write a
to perform this trick from any arXiv abstract page…

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