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I've been here before! I mean, I did try to set up
non-commutative algebra&geometry sites before and sooner or later
they always face the same basic problems :

a :
dyspnoea : one person does not have enough fresh ideas
to keep a mathematical site updated daily so that it continues to be of
interest (at least, I'm not one of those who can).

b :
claustrophobia : the topic of non-commutative algebra
& non-commutative geometry is too wide to be covered (cornered) by
one person. More (and differing) views are needed for balance and
continued interest.

c : paranoia : if one is
not entirely naive one has to exercise some restraint trying to protect
ones research plans (or those of students) so the most interesting ideas
never even get posted!

By definition, I cannot solve problems
a) and b) on my own. All I can hope is that, now that the basic
technological problems (such as including LaTeX-code in posts) are
solved, other people are willing to contribute. For this reason I
'depersonalized' this blog : I changed the title, removed all
personal links in the sidebar and so on. I want to open up this site
(but as I said, I've tried this before without much success) to
anyone working in non-commutative algebra and/or non-commutative
geometry who is willing to contribute posts on at least a monthly basis
(or fortnightly, weekly, daily…) for the foreseeable future. At
the moment the following 'categories' of posts are available
(others can be added on request) :

  • courses : if you want
    to tell about your topic of interest in small daily or weekly pieces.
  • columns : if you want to ventilate an opinion on something
    related (even vaguely) to na&g.
  • nc-algebra : for anything
    on non-commutative algebra not in the previous categories.
  • nc-geometry : for anything on non-commutative geometry not in the
    previous categories.
  • this blog : for suggestions or
    explanations on the technology of this site.

Mind you,
I am not looking for people who seek a forum to post
their questions (such people can still add questions as comments to
related posts) but rather for people active in na&g with a personal
opinion on relevance and future of the topic.
If you are
interested in contributing, please email me and we will work
something out. I'll also post information for authors (such as, how
to include tex, how to set restrictions etc.) in a _sticky_ post

Now, problem c) : in running sites for our master class
on noncommutative geometry I've noticed that some people are more
willing to post lectures notes etc. if they know that there is some
control on who can download their material. For this reason there will
be viewing restrictions on certain posts. Such posts will get a
padlock-sign next to them in the 'recent posts' sidebar (they
will not show up in your main page, if you are not authorized to see
them). I will add another sticky on all of this soon. For now, if you
would only be willing to contribute if there was this safeguard, rest
assured, it will be there soon. All others can of course already sign-up
or wait whether any of these plans (resp. day-dreams) ever work

update (febr 2007) : still waiting
but the padlock idea is abandoned.

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