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a good day at the arxiv

arXiv is a bit like cable tv : on certain days there seems to be nothing
interesting on, whereas on others it’s hard to decide what to see in
real time and what to record for later. Today was one of the better
days, at least on the arXiv. Pavel Etingof submitted the
notes of a course he gave at ETH in the spring and summer of 2005 Lectures on
Calogero-Moser systems
. I always sympathize with people taking time
to explain what they are interested in to non-experts, especially if
they even take more time to write up course notes so that the rest of us
can also benefit from these talks. Besides, it is always more rewarding
to learn a topic from a key-figure such as Etingof, rather than sitting
through talks on this given by people who only embrace a topic as a
career move. However, as I’m no longer that much into Calogero-Moser
stuff I’ve put Pavel’s notes in recording mode as I definitely have to
spend some time getting through that other paper posted today : Notes on A-infinity
algebras, A-infinity categories and non-commutative geometry. I
and Yan
. They really come close to things that interest me right
now and although I’m not the greatest coalgebra-fan, they may give me
just enough reasons to bite the bullet. On a different topic : with
plenty of help from Jacques Distler, my
neverending planet
is now also serving MathML, but you need to view it using Firefox and
have all the required fonts

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